The SOX Challenge

Sometime earlier in this decade there were some financial irregularities that resulted in some major upheavals in the corporate world. Some organizations went down while others had to realign. What came out of the irregularities in financial reporting was a Compliance Act passed by the US Govt. This came to be known as the Sarbanes-Oxley … Continue reading

A Tweet does not a Community make…

So also, a Facebook fan page does not mean a social media strategy has been implemented. But, these are just a few of the commonly misunderstood facts of the world of social media. What follows is a quick look at how some organizations and marketers get their equations all wrong around the concept of social … Continue reading

Search Engine Optimization: Technology

In the previous post we took a look at the analysis phase of the search engine optimization cycle. In this post we will take a look at the guidelines that need to be complied with from a technology perspective. Doing this will involve considering the designing of the site architecture – the technical Issues, keyword … Continue reading

Search Engine Optimization: The Analysis Phase

The previous post, Search Engine Optimization: An Introduction, offered a quick overview of what SEO is all about and why we would want to go about doing it. The different phases of a recommended SEO Strategy are Analysis of the environment and technology, Implementation and Maintenance. In this post we will take a look at … Continue reading

Search Engine Organization: An Introduction

With this post I am starting a five-part series on Search Engine Optimization. The first part will be a basic primer and introduction to why we need Search Engine Optimization. This will talk about what search engine optimization is, the need for sites to be “search engine friendly, and an overview of the different stages … Continue reading

Mobile becomes a social media lifeline?

Approaching the end of 2009 and looking back on all the progress that social media has made, one would say that it has been on predictable lines. With nothing significantly and spectacularly different being thrown up. Social media has gained ground, a very good sign. We have seen it gaining ground in specific industry segments, … Continue reading

Search Wars

Today’s announcement of the Microsoft Yahoo! deal opens up another chapter in the search wars. With this deal going through Yahoo! will be throwing in the towel on its search engine and sticking to what it does best – managing its highly successful media properties. As per the deal, it is expected that Microsoft’s Bing … Continue reading

Looking Through The Right End Of The Telescope

A recently published report on the digital market scenario in India, “Digital Media Outlook 2009”published by Webchutney, detailed the current scenario of the digital marketplace, the current ad spends and the projected trends in usage and spends on advertising in the digital space. There are a few points that came out of the report that … Continue reading